Cybernetics Lab IMA/ZLW & IfU

The Cybernetics Lab IMA/ZLW & IfU is an interdisciplinary institute consortium at the RWTH Aachen University assigned to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It is composed of the Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA), the Center for Learning and Knowledge Management (ZLW) and the Associated Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V. (IfU)

The aim of the participating institutes is to implement and professionalise inter- and transdisciplinary methods in research and teaching, and to conduct research on current scientific problems. 

The Cybernetics Lab is headed by Prof. Sabina Jeschke and her deputies Prof. Ingrid Isenhardt and Dr. Frank Hees. Each institute is led by a managing director: Prof. Dr. Tobias Meisen (IMA), Prof. Anja Richert (ZLW) and Dr. RenĂ© Vossen (IfU). The former head of the Cybernetics Lab Prof. Klaus Henning supports the as senior advisor.